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How partnerships with bloggers help you

For the business promotion, or establishing your brand, an increasing number of entrepreneurs and brands are reaching out to bloggers to write about their products and services. Previously the options were limited to just advertising your product through print or television media. However, with the blogging on the scene, the opportunity for the business houses and brands has multiplied to a much more diverse and large audience.

So, the blogger not only can sell the product or service but can also promote or endorse the same. However, it is just the case of selecting the right blogger for your brand and business. We at selfobsessed.com provide a channel of communication between you and the blogger suited to the purpose. Working with the bloggers is the very core of our marketing and PR strategy.





However, if you are considering reaching out to bloggers consider the following tips before you do:

  • Start by reading those blogs that suits your industry and audience. For example: read best beauty blogs, or the top product review blogs.
  • If you have a product to market you need to send the product for the blogger to review, you might need to pay the blogger for the same.
  • Some of the bloggers offer sponsored posts providing full coverage in the blog.
  • The blogosphere is continuously evolving so; you need to keep this in mind that the fee need to be paid would be different for every blogger. It depends upon the popularity and experience of the blogger in the industry.