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Generate serious revenue from your YouTube channel

YouTube is the new way of writing content. Generally the audience has less focus and time, so the video content covers two of the five senses thereby catering to the thing required just in the right way. From cooking, to politics, to even how to change baby diapers, watching an intense scene from a movie, or catching a glimpse of history, YouTube has all these covered.





However, videos is not just making them and watching them, but also making money out of it. Here is how you can do this:

  • Make a separate login id so that it remains unique and sensible.
  • Be very careful before you decide name for your channel because this is what everything is about.
  • Be very careful about the content part. Do not violate the parameters of showcasing any violent, adult, or outraging content.
  • Keep updating your channel.
  • Always go for the three golden rules, i.e., like subscribe, and share.